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Using a licensed gas fitter and gas certificates of compliance


  • Never do work on gas installations or appliances yourself, always use a licensed gas fitter. Carrying out unlicensed gas work is illegal and can be extremely dangerous resulting in serious injury or even death. Licensed gas contractors have the equipment and knowledge to do the necessary work safely. 

  • Call Kurts Gas Installers For A Licenced Gas Fitter Tel: 083 592 5450

  •  When using a licensed gas fitter you should ensure: 

  • they hold an appropriate South African licence

  • they issue a gas certificate of compliance on completion of all gas installation work.

    This applies to all gas work on your property regardless of whether it is your home, rental property, commercial premises, caravan or boat. 

    Insurance companies may not cover fire or public liability claims caused by do-it-yourself or unlicensed gas work on your installation or appliance.

    Using a licensed gas fitter

    The owner is responsible for the gas installation on their property and should use a licensed gas fitter to carry out any gas work on their property, caravan or boat. 

    A gas fitter is required for work commencing at the gas meter outlet or LPG cylinder valve up to and including: 

  • the gas appliance

  • the pipe work from the gas meter or cylinder to the appliance

  • any flues and ducts.

    If you notice something potentially dangerous or any of the following stop what you are doing, make the situation safe by turning off your gas supply, and call a licensed gas fitter immediately:

  • gas appliance burning incorrectly – eg yellow or uneven flames, pungent odours, black carbon soot, appliance going out regularly 

  • visible damage to gas pipes

    The gas distributor in South Australia,  South African  Networks, is responsible for work on the gas meter and the gas distribution network. 

    If you can smell gas and you suspect it's a gas leak, or are unsure, phone 083 592 5450  to report it.