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We have  two legal  options  in placing a Gas Cylinder

Option 1 see on the website On the price list below. Placement Of Gas Cylinder Inside.

Called an " In cupboard  Installation " place a 9kg gas cylinder in one of the cupboards in your kitchen.


Optìon  2: Placement Of Gas Cylinder Outside.

Description of the different options see below:

Option 1 . Placement Of Gas Cylinder Inside.

Referring To Option 1: It A legal  Installation  is what we call an "In cupboard  Installation "  see Option 1 one my price list its the most affordable way to get a gas hob or free standing gas appliance installed.

If You Are Opting For This Type of installation Please send me a video of inside your kitchen where the gas hob or gas stove is going to be placed.  ( Our Gas regulations  are easier to place a gas cylinder inside than placing a gas cylinder  outside )

   Placement Of A Gas Cylinder Outside: Optìon  2

Placement Of A Gas Cylinder/s Outside  Are A Challenge At Times  Because  Of  Our Gas Regulations  That Govern  Us As Registered  Gas Installers. But not impossible.

1 .Please give me a 360° video ( Inside )  Where as appliance is going to stand .  

2. Please give me a 360° video ( outside )  as I need to see if there are  Aircons, Electrical switches,  Pool pumps, Drains, windows, Doors, Thatch roofs,  laps ( Thatched entertainment areas  ), carports where Motor vehicles may be parked.

   Do I Legally Need A Gas Cylinder  Cage?

The Answer is Most Probably Not. A Gas Cylinder Cage Is Not A Requirement?   if you are living in a stand-alone property. It may be Necessary if you are in a complex where easy access to the gas cylinder/s is possible to the public. 

All of the above have a deciding factor on placing a gas cylinder outside. 

Just keep in mind  that  if there is a

The aircon on the wall of the gas cylinder needs to be 5 meters from the gas cylinder.

See Below Some Of Our Gas Regulations On Placing A Gas Cylinder Outside 

Gas cylinder placement from Drain must be a minimum of 2 meters away.  
 Gas cylinder from window  1 meter away.  
 Gas cylinder from door 1 meter away.   
   Aircon or Pool Pump or Electrical Distribution Box, Any Other type of electrical source or source of ignition the gas cylinder must be a minimum of 5 meters from that source of electrical ignition.  
   Is your house a thatch roof?   Or  Do you have a thatch Lapa / entertainment area with a thatch roof?  

Hence I need to see a 360° the area.


It could be a aircon  on another wall nearby, it will still need to comply with the gas regulations

 and be a minimum of 5 meters away  , a pool pump needs to be 5 meters away from a gas cylinder outside.  a electrical switch  5 meters.A electrical distribution boxes needs to be a minimum of  5 meters.

   Pertaining To Perimeter Walls / Boundary Walls/ Neighbour's Wall See Below

Keep in  mind that your  cylinder needs to be a minimum of one meter from a  perimeter wall  if the wall is a it's a precast wall, wooden wall or a single brick wall. If it is a double brick wall the gas cylinder can stand right against the wall.


Have you permission  to place a gas cylinder  outside your unit  within the complex  ?


Many  area's  outside  of your unit could be on "LOAN"    to you to be used by you exclusively but it could be common property. ( please check with your body corporates in your complex pertaining  to Common Property ) Many body corporates  do not want gas cylinders placed on common property as it would  increase  their  insurance  dramatically  and it could be a risk  to other  people  within the complex. 

Also please consider an Incoubard  Installation. It a 9kg gas cylinder  placed in the kitchen  close to the gas hob of the free standing gas stove. It's a legal Installation I can issue and  Coc ( Gas compliance certificate  ) 99% possible  to do an Installation like this for you.

5.2.2 Indoor location Where LPG containers are permanently installed or stored in a building, the type of building

(in accordance with SANS 10400-A, see also annex B) and the corresponding size of the

container(s) shall be as follows:

a) flats (H3): a maximum of 9 kg per flat;

b) houses (including cluster housing and group housing (not exceeding two storeys)): a total

maximum of 19 kg;

C) No fixed installation shall be installed inside a garage. ( The Gas Regulations Do Not Allow Us To do a gas installation for you in a Garage ).

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