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Concealed Pipework.

SANS 10087-1:2013
Edition 6    Concealed pipework   If a gas installation is required in a building that has floors of concrete or other solid
material, where the building plans are required (see, they shall indicate one of the
following concepts:

a) ducts or trenches of approved depth; or

b) sleeves; or

c) fully embedded pipes. When pipes are chased in a concrete floor,

a) they shall require floor plans,  ( Please Note Floor plans are Required )

b) any portion of the pipe shall be placed at least 50 mm below the top of the concrete,

c) all joints in steel pipes shall be welded,

d) all joints in copper pipes shall be soldered, and

e) no mechanical joints shall be buried or embedded in floors or walls, and

f) steel and copper pipes shall be protected against corrosion in an approved manner.

NOTE Protection may mean an electrical conduit for copper tubing, or a wrapping for copper or steel piping,
or plastic coating, etc.