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Payment & Terms

Payment & Terms

I believe where ever possible to place all in writing to prevent any misunderstanding or confusion.

Please could we request that you clear all Draws,cupboards,table tops ,shelves. Moove Fridges, washing machines, tumbel dryers or any other appliance not mentioned here that we may need to work behind  or is in the way of us installing our gas installation. ( If this applies )

# # # Please ensure that the gas cylinder / gas cylinders are on the property on the day of gas installation to do the nessesary safety checks...

Please Read And Take Note Of The Terms And Conditions Of Kurts Gas Appliance .

Our Terms & Conditions:


If a quote is given via email or written the deposit must be done prior to installing and proof of this payment sent via email .The ballance of the quoted amount will be  paid in cash on the day the installation is completed.

On completion of the gas installation it our company's policy not to hand over the Certificate Of Compliance unless  the full or final payment is completed via Eft or cash payment .

If the Eft payment is done on the day
the installation proof of payment must be produced befor the Gas Certificate Of Compliance is handed over.

If payment is done after the gas installation is completed the Coc will be Posted:
An extra charge over and above the quoted installation price of R200.00 will be added to the quote to cover cost to send the Gas Certificate Of Compliance via the closest PostNet to you.

1.Kurts Gas Appliance does NOT under any circumstances  accept Chegues.......

2. Cash payments  most acceptable.

Thank you for your understanding.