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Heating water with Paloma gas geysers 

Gas Water Heaters (GWH) have been called many different names in the past; gas geysers, instant water heaters, push-through geysers, tankless water heaters etc. These units have been around for decades and are the preferred method of efficiently heating water around the world. Why – because they heat water on demand, only as you turn on the hot tap will the unit start to produce hot water, meaning extremely high efficiency and very little heat loss. Gas water heaters are measured by the ‘flow rate’ of hot water they can deliver.bathroom-dreams


The older traditional gas water heaters provided between 11-18 l/m, enough for single use (1 tap at a time). Paloma gas water heating units come in 20 & 26 l/m which allow for multi-point use (dependent on climate) with up to 3 taps/showers used at any one time.

Over the years, gas water heaters have developed greatly with Paloma leading the way in computer controlled high efficiency gas water heaters. Paloma’s Gas Water Heaters are specifically tailored to suit the South African climate – read more the specific climate control by clicking here or find out more about how tankless gas water heaters work here

Paloma Gas Geyser| Paloma Water Heater

Gone are the days of running outside to relight gas geysers, also gone are the days of lukewarm and weak showers, no more cries due to cold water coming through after someone else opens another hot tap, while you are showering.

Paloma instant hot water geysers 20 litre per minute Paloma instant hot water geyser 26 litre per minute

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