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Use of Licensed Gas Fitters – Licensed Gas Plumber Explained

How to Find a Good Gas Fitter – Licensed Gas Plumber

You must always use a licensed gas fitter (licensed gas plumber) for any projects that involves gas. This includes gas appliance installations, repairs and maintenance, as well as installing LPG gas bottles on your home and all other gas fitting work.

What is a Licensed Gas Fitter – Licensed Gas Plumber?

Gas fitters (licensed gas plumbers) do many different types of gas fitting tasks including:

  • Gas appliance installation, conversions , repairs and maintenance
  • 45kg gas bottle installation including regulators, changeover valves, pigtails and gas lines
  • Installation and repairs of gas flue pipes.
  • Installation of gas meters, valves and associated pipe work.
  • Installation of bayonet connectors
  • Adjusting of gas pressure
  • Installation of gas detection systems
  • Leak testing and repairs
  • Issuance of compliance certificates, plates, etc.

Licensed Gas Fitters – Licensed Gas Plumber Required.

Do not attempt to do gas work yourself or to use a tradesperson who does not have specialist gas training and a specific gas fitter license.

Unlicensed gas work is illegal and potentially dangerous.

Your manufacturer’s warranty and insurance cover may also be void if gas work is performed by an unlicensed person.

Gas Fitter Licensing

Licensed gas fitters (licensed gas plumbers) have a gas fitter number, issued by their State regulatory authority, authorising them to carry out gas fitting work. (Typical gas fitter installation shown)

Some States have different endorsements for different types of gas fitting work, such as gas appliance conversions.

Ask to see the gas fitter’s license to confirm that the tradesperson is entitled to do the specific type of gas work you require.