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Gas Cylinder Cages

5.10.3   Domestic installations do not require that the cylinders be placed in a cage but shall be secured in such a manner so as not to accidentally fall over. However where public access to the cylinders is possible , the cylinders and manifold , if fitted , shall be in a locked cage or fenced area that meets the requirements of figure 25.

5.10.4 Any Installation where more than two cylinders are connected shall be fitted with signage indicating no smoking , no naked flame,no unauthorized entry and no cellular phones allowed.

Gas Cylinder cage requirements:  Area of the hinged steel doors and both sides of the cage to be of a mesh pattern e.g expanded metal,heavy gauge wire or pierced with a through a hole pattern where not less than 80% of the total area is open to facilitate the provision of water from a fire hose in order to supply water to cylinders in the event of a fire.