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Flame supervision device.Flame failure device.

Flame supervision device. For gas appliances, a flame supervision device (FSD) – alternative name: flame failure device (FFD) – is a general term for any device designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner of a gas appliance if the flame is extinguished.

The  gas association  brought out a new regulation in November 2017

If you are purchasing your  gas stove  or gas hob.. All gas stoves and gas hobs are required to have Flame failure devices.  No Registered Gas Installer  may  install a gas appliance  without a flame failure devices...  Its a legal requirement...  

Please see below the details on what to look for  when you purchase a gas appliance. v=BT5zwOIxJ3Y


Flame Failure Device

We As Registered Gas Installers are not allowed to issue a gas certificate if the gas hob or gas stove does not have Flame falure devices.